This Deck Was Cleaned, Old Finish Removed and Finished With An Application of Timber Oil


Restoring your deck and fence will help reverse the signs of aging. Over time the sun and outdoor elements will turn the wood gray. Proper maintenance to your deck and fence will help insure that it not only stays looking good, but also help it last longer. The expense of have a new deck or fence installed can be expensive. We can restore your deck and fence to a like new look for a fraction of the cost of having a new one installed.

The key to restoring the wood to a like new look is done with using the right chemicals, cleaners and the right pressure from the pressure washer. Not using a pressure washer properly on your deck or fence can cause costly damage.

Our process to clean your deck and fence is to first treat the wood with a cleaner. Once the cleaner has had sufficient dwell time we then rinse the wood with low pressure. The last step is to use a neutralizer or brightener on the wood. The cleaner can make the wood dark after its washed off and the brightener will bring it back to that like new look.

Once the deck or fence is dry it is ready for stain, paint or sealant. We don’t recommend painting a deck that is still in great shape. A stain that is semi-transparent will add some color to the wood and still show the wood. We recommend using paint when the deck is at the point where it will need to be replaced soon.

Stained with Ready Seal “PECAN”

Deck Cleaning

Stained with Ready Seal “REDWOOD”

Deck Staining